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BrightBar LM-1100.-CDLT0187
The cycledesign BrightBar LM-1100. is a high power and versatility with 1100 Lumens

and Six-mode beam with two-bulb LEDs front output, optical enhancements also 

inscrease side visibility.

Made of aluminum case has certified waterproof IPX5 with high power LEDs of two bulb

for lighting enhancement and optical increasing visibility for safe riding, built in

2800mAh rechargeable by USB Type-C cable input quick charging 2A capability allows

recharging 2.5hrs to full, while the aluminum construction with cooling fins ensures

temperature control circuit design allowing for effective LED bulb durability and heat

dissipation performance.

Multi-Purpose headlight modes option designed for brightness, three lighting modes and

two flashing modes alerts drivers to your presence. 

Anto-Adaptive ambient lighting sensing, automatic environment responsive brightness

lighting mode will adjust lighting output mode. 

A versatile strap bracket has inserted a strong magnet equipped with an exclusive

bracket which triggers the auto power-on and power-off function, and 
60° rotatable

In addition, it except benefits from various modes function, and it has a memory mode

design, when you turn the light on, it lights up in the last lighting mode you used. 

Material : Aluminum 

Max Brightness : 1100 Lumens 

Battery Type : Lithium Ion 2800 mAh (Rechargeable) 

Charge Time : 2.5 hrs by USB Type-C (DC5V / 2A) 

Bulb : High power LED * 2 pcs 
Light Modes / Lumens : Auto Mode 1100 lm    Low Beam / 300 lm    Mid Beam / 550 lm
Max RumTime :             1.5 hrs ~ 17 hrs         4 hrs                        2.5 hrs

      1.5 sec.  DayTime / 1100 lm       Flashing / 80 lm           High Beam / 1100 lm
OFF           12 hrs                         20 hrs                         1.5 hrs 


Included USB Type-C Cable * 1 pc

Strap Bracket : Handlebar mount 
ø19mm ~ ø40mm / Rotatable 60°  

Size : 99.7 * 39.7 * 29 mm 
Weight : 135 g

Certified Waterproof IPX5

Memory Mode Fuction  

Color : Power Coating Anodized Black 

Feature : cycledesign logo / Made In Taiwan 

 High power battery and super lighting brightness of 1100 lumens, up to 100 meters


 Antomatic environment responctive mode ambient lighting 

 Versatilie strap bracket with an exclusive bracket to trigger the auto power function

60° retatable light angle 

 Lightweight aluminum case with good heat dissiption with versatile lighting mode for

    safe riding