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SKULL Ding-Dong Bell
  • CDBL0011
  • CDBL0013
  • CDBL0011
  • CDBL0013
The metal made of SKULL Din-Dong bell is cheerful, popular and typical doorbell style


Made of metal orbit course by mechanical stress to strike a chreeful "ding-dong"

doorbell style sound, 

An originality painting finish with unique pattern to make more interesting. 

Precisely crafted from metal material hardware, wide diameter dome top with available 

various dome pattern of interesting graphic, in addition rubber cover to protect the

clapper and user hand. 
Material : Steel top / Steel clamp 

Dome size : 

Clamp Size : 

Pattern : Skull  

Steel hardware / Rubber cover on clapper 

Weight : 133g
Feature : Pattern decal / cycledesign logo 

 Metal mechanism finishes

 Rubber cover on clapper 

 Available in various pattern of cycledesign 

 Designed to be install to the handlebar / tube diameter 

Available Items :  

CDBL0011 : Black / Black ED Base 

CDBL0013 : White / Silver Polished Base