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Strap Alloy Bell
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  • CDBL0030
  • CDBL0037
  • CDBL0038
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  • CDBL0041
Aluminum metal material circled clapper design. 

High quality aluminum material top dome, integral plastic circled base and knocking

with stainless steel spring to crisp and bright clear-loud alear cyclists and pedestrians. 

Quick release strap system with multiple hole to sustain various handlebar sizes / tube 


Precusely crafted from lightweight and water-repellent finishes including aluminum

dome, monocoque mechanism pivot circled base can be 360
° rotated to pleasingly


Multiple joint strap for Tool-Free setting is easily and quickly for various handlebar sizes        

Material : Aluminum Dome / Plastic / TPR / Stainless steel spring 

Dome Size : 
ø35 mm 
Strap system fits bar diameters ø22.2mm ~ ø35mm 

Weight : 29g

Feature : Anodized finishes / cycledesign logo  

 Pivot circled base can be 360
º rotated 

 Tool-Free multiple strap for various tube sizes 

 Durability aluminum metal crafted from lightweight and water-repellent 

 High-Strength spring   

Available Colors : 

► CDBL0030 : Silver 

► CDBL0031 : Matte Black 

► CDBL0032 : Red 

► CDBL0033 : Blue 

► CDBL0034 : Baby Blue 

► CDBL0035 : Green