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Strap Brass Bell-CDBL0042 / CDBL0043 / CDBL0044
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  • CDBL0043
  • CDBL0044
  • CDBO0042
  • CDBL0043
  • CDBL0044
Brass metal material and 360° clapper design.

Made of durable brass dome percussion metal mechanism, integral plastic springiness 

knocking  to striking the melodious around and incredible loud alert cyclists and


Precusely crafted from rustproof finishes including brass dome, monocoque mechanism

pivot base can be 360
º retated to pleasingly position. 

Integrated knock lever with high-strength springiness to striking crisp and melodious. 

Multiple joint strap for Tool-Free setting is easily and quickly for various handlebar sizes 



Material : Aluminum Dome / Plastic / TPR / Plastic 

Dome Size : 
Strap system fits bar sizes : ø22.2mm ~ ø35mm 
Weight : 34g 

Feature : Clear coating / cycledesign logo 

 Brass metal and painting plated for rustproof finishes 

 Pivot circled mechanism base 360
º clapper rotated to operable striker

 Integrated high-strength springiness knock lever  

 Multiple joint strap for Tool-Free setting for various handlebar sizes 

Available Colors : 

CDBL0042 : Brass 

CDBL0043 : Silver 

CDBL0044 : Black